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\addchaptertocentry{\acknowledgementname} % Add the acknowledgements to the table of contents
Thanks to everyone
Thanks to Milan for all the help and feedback that he gave me with this thesis and for all the code that you shared with me, without your active support and feedback I would have never finished.
Thank you Gusz for being a fantastic professor and for all the patience that you had for me and this thesis of mine.
Thank you for the incredible guidance that you gave me.
Without, this thesis would be incredibly dull and inconclusive.
Thanks to the entire Computational Intelligence Group for giving me an having me around and giving me a fantastic place where to stay and study in the university, making me feel somehow part of your team.
Thanks to my roommates who lived together with a messy student with all the consideration.
Thanks to my family, for giving me support both psychological and economical in these years of my master.
Last but not least I want to thanks all my friends, Claudia, Michela, Matteo, Evald, Alessandro, Giulia, Enrico, Silvia, Sara, Hester and many other amazing people that all supported me when I needed it, giving me the strength to conquer any challenge.
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