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      Running builder (content generator) functions in subprocesses on Windows · c5bd0c37
      Viktor Ferenczi authored
      - Refactored all builder (make_*) functions into separate Python modules along to the build tree
      - Introduced utility function to wrap all invocations on Windows, but does not change it elsewhere
      - Introduced stub to use the builders module as a stand alone script and invoke a selected function
      There is a problem with file handles related to writing generated content (*.gen.h and *.gen.cpp)
      on Windows, which randomly causes a SHARING VIOLATION error to the compiler resulting in flaky
      builds. Running all such content generators in a new subprocess instead of directly inside the
      build script works around the issue.
      Yes, I tried the multiprocessing module. It did not work due to conflict with SCons on cPickle.
      Suggested workaround did not fully work either.
      Using the run_in_subprocess wrapper on osx and x11 platforms as well for consistency. In case of
      running a cross-compilation on Windows they would still be used, but likely it will not happen
      in practice. What counts is that the build itself is running on which platform, not the target
      Some generated files are written directly in an SConstruct or SCsub file, before the parallel build starts. They don't need to be written in a subprocess, apparently, so I left them as is.