Commit db8f26c8 authored by merumelu's avatar merumelu

AudioStreamSample: Don't crash when writing to file fails

parent 291c281f
......@@ -12,11 +12,13 @@
<method name="save_to_wav">
<return type="void">
<return type="int" enum="Error">
<argument index="0" name="path" type="String">
Saves the AudioStreamSample as a WAV file to [code]path[/code]. Samples with IMA ADPCM format can't be saved.
Note that a [code].wav[/code] extension is automatically appended to [code]path[/code] if it is missing.
......@@ -515,10 +515,10 @@ PoolVector<uint8_t> AudioStreamSample::get_data() const {
return pv;
void AudioStreamSample::save_to_wav(String p_path) {
Error AudioStreamSample::save_to_wav(const String &p_path) {
if (format == AudioStreamSample::FORMAT_IMA_ADPCM) {
WARN_PRINTS("Saving IMA_ADPC samples are not supported yet");
int sub_chunk_2_size = data_bytes; //Subchunk2Size = Size of data in bytes
......@@ -544,8 +544,9 @@ void AudioStreamSample::save_to_wav(String p_path) {
file_path += ".wav";
Error err;
FileAccess *file = FileAccess::open(file_path, FileAccess::WRITE, &err); //Overrides existing file if present
FileAccessRef file = FileAccess::open(file_path, FileAccess::WRITE); //Overrides existing file if present
// Create WAV Header
file->store_string("RIFF"); //ChunkID
......@@ -583,6 +584,8 @@ void AudioStreamSample::save_to_wav(String p_path) {
return OK;
Ref<AudioStreamPlayback> AudioStreamSample::instance_playback() {
......@@ -141,7 +141,7 @@ public:
void set_data(const PoolVector<uint8_t> &p_data);
PoolVector<uint8_t> get_data() const;
void save_to_wav(String p_path);
Error save_to_wav(const String &p_path);
virtual Ref<AudioStreamPlayback> instance_playback();
virtual String get_stream_name() const;
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