Commit cab49214 authored by Rémi Verschelde's avatar Rémi Verschelde

Revert "GDScript: Don't allow built-in scripts to use class_name"

This reverts commit 42514bfd.

There is still an unsolved regression from this commit (#28002)
which needs to be addressed before cherry-picking this one.
parent 4aa7760c
......@@ -3494,10 +3494,6 @@ void GDScriptParser::_parse_class(ClassNode *p_class) {
_set_error("'class_name' is only valid for the main class namespace.");
if (self_path.empty()) {
_set_error("'class_name' not allowed in built-in scripts.");
if (tokenizer->get_token(1) != GDScriptTokenizer::TK_IDENTIFIER) {
_set_error("'class_name' syntax: 'class_name <UniqueName>'");
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